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Monday, November 05, 2018


The Philippine Right is getting stronger. And so will the Left, too.

We sure have gone through these things before but we never learned our lessons. So things repeat until we learn what we need to learn.

Liberalism, after the fall of Communism, didn't emerge triumphant. It is being clobbered right now all over the world as extremism gains ground. What is the price we have to pay for this?

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Ferdinand Marcos and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo redux

If  Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos has his way, he will be the country's next president. If he wins his electoral protest, President Duterte would be willing to hand him the presidency by retiring early, not finishing his term. He said so himself. But the problem with this scheme is, not everyone in Pres. Duterte's circle seem okay to a Marcos Presidency. Much of Duterte's support also hinges on the machinery of Lakas and Former Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. This was nowhere more clear in the intramurals in congress during Pres. Duterte's SONA. The president's backers are split in the middle.

It's likely loyalty to Digong may not translate automatically into a support for Bongbong Marcos. Those supporting Gloria are not known to warm towards Bongbong.

But before any talks of an administration-led succession, there is the legitimate successor in the person of VP Leni Robredo. Sans a victory in Marcos' electoral protest, the administration has to live with a Leni succession in the event the president is unable to do his functions in office. It  is interesting to know what are they going to do in such a situation where the vice president who is first in line to  succession is with the opposition. It's precisely the kind of situation the American Constitution wanted to avoid.

With the economy down and people reeling from high prices of commodities, expect more social unrest. Next year's election is seeing an emboldened opposition, and the rise of Gloria Arroyo as the country's 3rd in line to succession in the event Duterte retires early. She is supported by no less than the president's daughter, Sara Duterte and other top women politician in the country today.

Letting Duterte stay in office is to the best interest of Gloria and her party. She and her supporters are taking a more active role in Duterte's administration, seeing to it he finishes his term. Her party mates and allies are more competent compared to other Duterte supporters,

Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on the other hand, is mainly interested in taking over as president.

PROFILE | Cebu City, Queen City of the South

Cebu's port is home to most of the Philippines' shipping companies. It's not surprising as Cebu City has been, historically, the center of commerce, education, entertainment and information of Southern Philippines. It is also the administrative, ecclesiastical and cultural capital of the region.

THE ISLAND | SanFran is Disaster Resilient : UN

In May 2011, the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) recognized San Francisco's disaster preparedness and awarded it the Sasakawa Award for Disaster Reduction for its “indigenous solutions to disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation through its Purok system.”

ECONOMY | It's More Prosperous in the Philippines ... soon.

The Philippines and Peru will be among emerging economies that become much more prominent in the next few decades, helped by demographics and rising education standards, with the Philippines set to leapfrog 27 places to become the 16th largest economy by 2050, HSBC predicts.

POLITICS | Tomas as Jullus Caesar

For many people, Tomas and Joy Young's loss didn't add up. For them, last election's results were erratic, wild, inconsistent.

HISTORY | Demystifying Jose Rizal

The question is, could Rizal walk the talk? Even in his writing, he debated with himself between peaceful reform and bloody uprising. If Spain didn't throw him in prison and executed him, would he have become a hero?